So… You’ve Got to Lose Weight

No matter if it was your idea or recommended by someone else, like a doctor or a loved one, losing weight can be extremely confusing, frustrating, and down-right hard.

Embracing Change

Change is scary! Especially if you attempt too much, too fast, and all on your own. Taking this approach can lead to inconsistency, self-doubt, or worse.

You Shouldn’t Have to Hate Life… to Lose Weight

Are You Like Me?

I spent years trying to lose weight, with limited success. I wasted a small fortune on programs that guaranteed success in 90 Days or less, and they all worked, for 90 days or less. I finally realized…

Easy and Fast, Never Lasts

In one way or another, every program included a restrictive meal plan, of foods I didn’t like, coupled with follow-along workout routines, that were hard to keep up with. The fact that I didn’t enjoy it, guaranteed that once the program ended, I wasn’t going to continue.

I Was Tired, Frustrated, and Ready to Give up…

Searching For Balance

I needed a way to lose weight, that produced sustainable results, without the feeling of being punished, but, most of all, it had to be Simple.

A New Path Was Forged

Thus began a journey that has changed my life forever. I earned certifications in Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition, as-well-as, becoming a Master Health & Wellness Coach. This knowledge, combined with the experience gained from my own weight loss journey, has allowed me to guide the way for others to pursue their own journey to a healthier happier life.

Lost 32 Lbs

“I never would have believed I could do it. 32 pounds!!! Thank you so much for all your guidance Coach B.” Lisa. C. – Madison, WI

Lowered A1C & Blood Pressure

“My wife is happy. My doctor is happy. Life is good! I have 3 friends who have started thier own journies. Namaste Coach B!” Tamir P. – Amesbury, NH

Reshaped Her Body

“Never believed I would have the time or energy to lose weight after the birth of my son. Just Wow! Thanks again.” Sherri – Dallas, TX

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins…

With “You” Deciding to Take a Single Step.

How it Works

The Journey is designed to Fit Your Life. We believe that any program that you have to adapt your life to is destined to fail, and to this end, your Journey will consist of simple healthy changes YOU can see yourself doing forever. Your Coach will be there to guide you past the obstacles on you chosen path, while providing accountability and support when needed.

Click the Button

You journey begins with a 28 Day In-App Introduction / Evaluation that explains the steps you will take and gives your coach a better idea of where you should begin. The button looks like this:

and is located throughout the website.

Get Your Plan

At the end of the 28 Days, you will be given a brief survey. From this, your coach will evaluate your information, access your needs, and guide you along your journey with daily activities and tips, combined with weekly or monthly course corrections. You choose the how much guidance you need, as-well-as, how long you need it. NO CONTRACTS EVER!

Enjoy a Healthier Life

As you progress, you will learn the Benefits of Consistency, the Power of Success Stacking, and a Love of Self that will boost your confidence, self esteem, and overall well-being.

What Your Journey Incudes…


What it Doesn’t Include…